Because blog beginnings are typically unimportant and awkward I’m going to keep this brief.

My name is Alexis Henderson. I’m a sophomore in college, English Major and avid writer. I’m starting this blog to document my writing process, and house a sort of running dialogue that centers around my experiences as a writer. You can expect to read rants, reflections and the occasional book review in addition to my thoughts about the ever-changing publishing industry.

In the event that I abandon the whole idea of blogging I apologize for wasting your time.




  1. Don’t abandon your blogging. You are going to need a strong social media presence in order to snag that agent, if going traditional, or to sell books, if going Indie. It’s tough, it takes far too much of your time, but in the end it’s worth it. And it can be very rewarding, too. I couldn’t imagine not having my website/blog– something I thought I’d never say at the beginning. Thank you for visiting my blog, and for the follow.


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