10 Things I’ve Learned from Creative Writing Workshops

Now that I’m engaged in my third creative writing workshop I figured I’d share a few of the more pertinent tidbits I’ve picked up during my time at the roundtable.

1. Experimenting with genres outside the ones your most comfortable in is one of the best ways to hone your craft.

2. You don’t have to be an incredible writer to be a good editor and offer valuable critiques.

3. Good writers accept and consider criticism. Defensive writers don’t grow. A writing workshop helps you develop thick skin.

4. Noting the mistakes in the works of other’s can help you to recognize the same mistakes in your own work.

5. A group of writers who are collectively committed to becoming better writers is one of the best writing resources around.

6. Good critiques aren’t knee-jerk reactions to a text. It takes time to cultivate fully formed ideas and opinions.

7. Reading books on writing is one of the best ways to develop your craft (I highly recommend Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird)

8. Sometimes workshop assignments can detract from time spent on other projects and that’s okay.

9. Short stories are great ways to experiment and challenge yourself as a writer without committing to long-term projects.

10. Public speaking is important. Very important. Knowing how to read your work in front of a crowd is a skill that’s honed with practice.

Until Next Time,


(Image by Max Klingensmith)

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