I’m a Pitch Wars 2017 Mentee!

So. I’ve got news.


I’m so excited to announce that I am an official Pitch Wars 2017 mentee!

For the next two months, I’ll be working with my brilliant mentor Ashley Hearn to revise and edit YEAR OF BONE my spooky YA horror manuscript about cults, curses, witches, and the teenage shepherdess who tries to stop them all. If you’re curious, you can learn more about it here.

If you’re a writer looking for an agent, I highly recommend submitting to Pitch Wars next year. It’s a wonderful opportunity and the Pitch Wars community is incredibly warm and welcoming. Plus, the contest offers so many resources and opportunities (critique groups, writing forums, webinars, etc.), whether you’re selected to be a mentee or not. For more information on Pitch Wars you can check out the website here.

A big thank you to Brenda Drake and the Pitch Wars team for their tireless commitment to the contest and of course my amazing mentor Ashley Hearn.

In the coming months, I’ll be updating this blog with posts on my experience as a mentee. If you have any specific questions about Pitch Wars feel free to comment or shoot me a DM on Twitter!

Until next time,


Photo credit: Carine Felgueiras 

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